What is Purity Test & History about Purity test [Latest]

Purity test score

An immaculateness test endeavors to check how “unadulterated” you are inside some domain of experience by having you answer a rundown of inquiries with respect to which acts, and so on related with the subject you have occupied with. By and large, for every “yes” answer you lose a virtue point. The outcome is scaled to reveal to you what level of immaculateness despite everything you hold.


Virtue tests have existed for a long time, initially appearing as composed arrangements of inquiries. With the coming of the Net, it ended up prevalent to convey them by electronic means. Some Rice Purtiy Test  changed to be projects or shell contents which would make every inquiry thusly, and do the counts for you when you were finished. In 1989, Eric Lechner composed a program that would do a similar thing utilizing information documents that portrayed diverse immaculateness purity tests. He changed over different virtue tests to this arrangement and made the bundle accessible. Here’s the manual page that portrays it.

In June 1994 I at long last completed a fireworks immaculateness test that I had started dealing with amid a similar period in which Eric composed his program, and chose to make a HTML form of it. I wound up composing a program to change over immaculateness test information documents in the Lechner organize into HTML frames, and another program that the yield of the first can be sent to furnish the individual stepping through the exam with a score, consequently making the principal virtue tests on the web.

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What’s Here

A portion of the tests underneath are from Eric’s virtue test bundle, go through the transformation program portrayed previously. Since I set up the immaculateness test scorer, I have discovered it being utilized for new tests by web creators who discovered one of the current tests and changed the inquiries to those from an alternate pool. I’ve included a portion of those tests here. All the more as of late, I’ve discovered a bundle of tests in HTML design, with the inquiries given as HTML records. This configuration is likewise simple to (for the most part consequently) convert to a checkbox test, so I’ve included a cluster of them here.

Some test creators have made tests particularly to utilize the scoring program here, and have submitted them to me. In the event that you have another test which utilizes this scoring framework that you might want to see included, don’t hesitate to point me at it. Kindly don’t be affronted on the off chance that I choose not to include it. I’ve gotten enough demands for options that I am currently just including those that are especially fascinating and extraordinary. As should be obvious underneath, there are as of now a lot of sex tests.

You can utilize this web interface to make a virtue test that uses The Armory’s programmed scoring framework. Or then again, in the event that you need to make an immaculateness test starting with no outside help, see this clarification of how to keep in touch with one.

Critical Note!

I get a decent measure of mail in regards to these virtue tests, with a few journalists revealing to me that they delighted in the tests, and others berating me for the substance of either of the tests. The last appear to have missed the data above, in particular, that I just made one of the tests underneath (the pyro test). On the off chance that you wish to remark on the fittingness, dullness, and so on of my creation these tests accessible in this arrangement, feel free, however as a long-lasting chunkstyler I will for the most part take bland to be a compliment. Notwithstanding, it would be ideal if you at any rate exhibit that you know about the above qualification. On the off chance that you wish to disagree with the substance of a test, you would be best off talking about it with the creator, if that data is accessible. Whatever data I have on the origin of each test is contained in the content of the test.


  • The tests underneath are introduced here for your delight as it were.
  • They are not an impression of my sincere beliefs.
  • Their presence here isn’t a support of their substance.
  • They are not proposed as an advancement of any of the demonstrations portrayed in them.
  • Utilize your own judgment!!! (sheesh!)

Last Note

On the off chance that you find that an immaculateness test closes suddenly (before the genuine end of the test), it’s most likely in light of the fact that the HTTP exchange fizzled or your program isn’t fit for managing the tremendous number of checkboxes that the bigger tests have. You may wish to look to the base of a test to ensure it’s everything there before rounding it out, since it’s irritating to discover 90% of the route through a 1500-question test that you can’t submit it.

How to unblocked Torrent with follow simple steps

Welcome to another edition of VPN Test Drive, brought to you by  Today we’re going to show you how to use uTorrent anonymously.

uTorrent, as you know, is one of the most popular bit torrent clients in the world. But some people probably don’t want their IP addresses publicly broadcast to anyone with an INTERNET connection. We’ll show you what we mean. This is a peer list for a file we were downloading unblocked torrent. You can easily access this by clicking on the torrent file, and then clicking on the ‘Peers’ tab below.

As you can see, it shows the full IP address of everybody involved in the torrent swarm at this moment. Now we’ve blurred out the last digits of the IP addresses for privacy, but you can see what we mean. Now this was a fully legal torrent that was distributed under the creative commons license, but even so, you probably wouldn’t want your IP address being broadcast to a bunch of strangers.

unblock torrent

That’s why you use a unblocked torrent proxy or a VPN service. Because the IP address that appears in the swarm is not your own. It’s the IP of the proxy or VPN services’ server. There are 2 different tools you can use to stay anonymous on uTorrent. A VPN, and a Proxy.

Though they both accomplish similar things, they each work a little bit differently. So we’re going to look at them 1 by

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1. The tool that you’re probably the most familiar with is a VPN (or Virtual Private Network). Nowadays this is a simple 1-click solution where you basically select whichever server you want to connect to from the software, and then click ‘Connect.’ This will wrap your entire unblocked torrent connection in a protected VPN tunnel, and route all your data through a 3rd party server. When you do this, your torrent traffic and your web traffic will all originate from the same IP address – The IP address of the VPN server.

A Proxy works a little bit differently. Instead of routing all of your internet traffic through the 3rd-party server, it just lets you route 1 program or protocol through the server. In this case, your uTorrent traffic. This is actually pretty useful.

Alot of bittorrent users want to route their torrent proxies traffic through a server in a country like The Netherlands or Romania, but there’s a lot of reasons why you wouldn’t want your web browsing going through that country: You don’t want Google results from Romania, and you probably still want access to your streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Pandora…which might be geo blocked in other countries. Another major difference between VPNs and Proxies is that all VPN’s (by definition) encrypt your data in-transit. Most proxy servers do not offer encryption. Encryption is what prevents your internet provider from reading your traffic and slowing down your torrent downloads.

Fortunately, uTorrent actually has a built in feature that lets you encrypt your proxy connections quickly and easily. We’re going to show you how to do that when we go into our full uTorrent setup. Let’s do it now. Now before you can set up uTorrent to be used anonymously, it’s critical that you have a tool that will let you test whether your anonymization settings are working….and will show you your IP address from the viewpoint of your torrent client. Fortunately there’s a great tool brought to you by a company called ‘Torguard.’ That we can download now. It’s free. YOu can get it by going to VPNTOPTEN.COM/CHECKIP and then you scroll to the bottom and click on ‘check your torrent IP’.

And all we have to do is download this little tool…and it’s basically (we’re going to open it with uTorrent here) it’s just a torrent file. And if we go into our downloads here, and you go into ‘Trackers’ it will show you your current IP address right here from the perspective of the uTorrent client.

Alright, so let’s set up our proxy. You have to go to Options Menu, and then ‘preferences’ or you can just hit ‘Ctrl+P’ and you want to go to the ‘Connections’ tab right here. For our proxy service today we’re going to be using ‘Private Internet Access.’ We’re a big fan of them for uTorrent for a couple reasons. First of all, they don’t keep any logs and they allow torrents on all servers. And, if you buy their VPN service for $40 per year, they throw in free proxy service. For free. You can check them out by going to vpntopten.com/pia (we’ll have the link up there) or by visiting their website directly.

Let’s start in this top section here. These are our recommended settings. We recommend you keep everything checked except ‘Enable uPnP.’

The reason is: there’s a security flaw that hasn’t been fixed in a lot of routers (except the ones that have come out this year) so…better safe than sorry. Leave that one unchecked unless things aren’t working. Ok, let’s set up our proxy server. You’re going to select your proxy server ‘type’. And it’s going to be ‘Socks5.’

And the address for private internet access is:

‘Proxy-‘ The port is 1080 Ok, the next step is getting your username and password. And this is basically what you’re going to see right here when you first open up the software the first time. To get the username and password, it’s not the same as your VPN password with privateinternetaccess.com. You have to go into your control panel, and if you scroll to the bottom here there’s going to be this little tool that lets you click a button and you can generate a new username and password.

And this is the password that you use for your proxy service and that’s what you put into utorrent. Ok. So we’ve got our username and password in. And then you want to ‘check’ all these boxes. This one is saying…it tells utorrent that there’s a username and password for it. And the rest of them tell uTorrent to use the proxy for all relevant queries made by the uTorrent client. Just to make sure that no communication is taken outside the proxy tunnel. You want everything to go through the proxy so that you’re anonymous all the time.

Ok. You hit ‘Apply’ and then the one other thing that you want to do is you want to go to the ‘Bittorrent’ tab and you want (under protocol encryption) you want to change the outgoing protocol encryption to ‘Forced’ to make sure that all the traffic that’s going through this proxy tunnel is wrapped in an encrypted tunnel.

The benefit of that is it prevents your ISP from reading your traffic and seeing what you’re downloading. And possibly throttling and slowing down your torrent traffic. Ok? And then we recommend you uncheck ‘allow incoming legacy connections’ just so that you don’t allow any insecure connections that are already going. Click ‘Apply’ and then we’ll go down here and we can force this little tool to update here so we’ll go to ‘Update Tracker’ and give it a sec… And you can see that our IP address here has changed. It shows that our proxy server is now working.

Awesome. And you can see…that’s our web browser IP, and that’s our torrent IP address. Now if you want added security, you can actually run the proxy inside a VPN tunnel. So you have the proxy inside the VPN. Your browser web address will be changed from your normal IP, and the proxy address (the uTorrent IP address) will be different than the VPN address.

So just to show you how that works…we’re going to connect to a server in… The West Coast of the USA. And we’ll give it a second to connect here… Ok. We’ll go back to IPMonkey, hit refresh… as you can see our IP address has changed again.

This is the IP address of our browser and we’ll go back here and we’re going to update the proxy tracker… Sometimes it has issues when you keep jumping around your web address. Ah…as you can see: our proxy address has stayed the same and is still different than our VPN address, and both of them are different than our original IPaddress. So you’ve got a tunnel, inside a tunnel…both anonymous. Very cool. Ok, now we’re going to deactivate the proxy for a second and we’re going to talk more about using just a VPN.

Alright, now we’re going to talk a little bit about using a VPN with uTorrent instead of a proxy – although I always recommend using them together. The first thing that you’re going to notice is this little system tray icon down here. I love how it provides a visual indicator of your connection status with PIA. If you disconnect, this turns red.

So you can always see visually where you’re at. Ok we’re going to go into the settings and I”m going to show you a couple important settings. Most of this stuff is pretty simple. But we’re going to go to the connection settings.

Port forwarding is an option if you’re having speed issues you can try enabling port forwarding and setting it up through your router but that’s a different video. But these 3 settings are critical. I recommend always having these two checked. Especially DNS leak protection, which makes sure that when you look up the web address, like when you type in a web address like google.com, and it looks up where that server is located…if you don’t have this ‘checked’ in windows, sometimes it will route that lookup outside your VPN tunnel which could expose your true IP address without your knowledge (which you don’t want to do).

Always keep this one checked. IPv6…keep it checked. The VPN kill switch is really useful if you’re not using a proxy with uTorrent. And the reason is, that if your vpn connection drops, ordinarily uTorrent will just try to reconnect through your normal internet connection that isn’t connected by a VPN.

If you enable the kill-switch, this will instantly kill your internet connection so that uTorrent can’t reconnect through your normal (ISP) connection. So….extra safety feature…good to have. Hey guys, thanks for watching this video.

I just wanted to remind you of a couple key points that we made during the video: 1st off, I really like using a proxy for uTorrent because it lets you have a different IP address for you web browser which I think is really useful. The 2nd point to remember is that a VPN has much stronger encryption than a proxy, even when using the encryption function built into uTorrent. So if encryption is important to you, or you’re having slow speeds because your ISP is throttling you…you should add a VPN.

They’re better if used together (VPN + Proxy) it adds a greater layer of privacy, a second layer of privacy. And the other thing to remember is that if you’re NOT using a proxy, always use a VPN kill switch for uTorrent to make sure that your true IP address isn’t exposed by accident if the VPN disconnects. Remember you can get private Internet Access (VPN and Proxy in one) both services included, both can be used simultaneously and it’s only $40 a year (or $3.33/month). You can get that by going to VPNTOPTEN.COM/PIA. That is an affiliate link. We’ll get a small commission and of course you will get a great VPN service at the best possible price. Thanks alot. Check ya later 🙂

Download Vidmate Apk for Android [Latest Version]

Vidmate is a video downloading app that lets you download videos and movies easily. This App is very easy to use as it comes with a really easy user interface. It has a huge collection of Movies and TV shows and you can even download videos while watching other videos on Vidmate Apk.

Though you might come around with similar Apps I can assure you that this is the best one for downloading videos. In this post, I will be providing you a guide about how to download and Install this App on your Devices. But before I get to that let me provide you with some more information about this app.

Why to Choose Vidmate?

Earlier in this post, I have mentioned that Vidmate is the best video downloading App. Well, it is quite obvious that the best Apps come with the best features. So down below is a list of reasons why you should choose Vidmate over other Apps.


  • The user-friendly interface of this App makes it very easy to search videos.
  • Videos can be downloaded at a faster rate and at speed higher than that of the Browsers.
  • YouTube Videos can also be downloaded with the help of this App. You can even choose the format of these videos.
  • This App let you download any kind of videos and in your preferred format.
    All the videos that are available on Vidmate can be downloaded in High-Quality and that also for free.
  • One feature that is not available on other Apps is the Live TV Channels. You can stream Live Video on this App. The channels load quite faster even with slow internet.
  • Another reason is that all the sites that you will find here are all trusted sites.

These are some of the major reason for choosing Vidmate. Some of the features of this App are quite unique and cannot be found in other similar Apps. Now, that you are well acquainted with this App. Now, let me tell you about the downloading process of Vidmate Apk.

How to Download Vidmate Apk on Android?

This App is available for free on Google Play Store and you can directly download and install this on your Android device.

But sometimes you might face problems while downloading from Google Play Store or maybe it might not suit your phone due to some reasons in that case you can download the Vidmate Apk and use it easily.

Whenever you face these kinds of problems you need to download the cartoon hd Apk version of the App. Downloading the Apk is quite easy and simple.

Search for Videmate apk on Google, and select the best Android market that you normally download applications from or you can directly download Vidmate Apk from below download link.

Download Vidmate Apk

Make sure that the “allow installation from unknown sources” is enabled on your device. If not go to the device settings>security>unknown sources>enable this will automatically enable the settings.
Once this is done, the download will automatically start after clicking the download option.

How to Install Vidmate Apk on your Android Device?

Just like the download process the installation process of this App is quite easy too. The steps for installing this Apk on your device is easy just follow the steps that I have listed below.

First of all, you need to locate the downloaded Apk of Vidmate on your Android Device.
Now, tap on that for installing the App.

You will receive a “Prompt” message asking you to allow permission for Installing the App.
Select “Install.”

The installation may take some time. Wait for some time while the file gets installed.
After the completion of the installation you will be notified accordingly.

With the completion of the installation process an icon of the same will appear on your home screen. And with this the installation process of the Apk is completed.

How to use Vidmate?

As mentioned before that Vidmate has a simple user-interface and is quite easy to use. But still you need to have proper knowledge about the working procedure of this App. The following steps help you to use this App without facing any issues.

Open the Vidmate App on your Android device.

After that you will come across a search bar at the top of the App. You will also come across some of the trending videos on the home page of the App.

Now search for a video from the search options or you can just select a video from YouTube.
In the results you will see a download option along with each video. Tap on that option.
After that you will see a “Red Button” at the bottom of the App. Tap on that.

Now you need to select the quality in which you want to download the video. The video size will also be displayed along with the videos.

Select the preferred quality and tap on the download tab.

Wait patiently while your video gets downloaded.

And this is how you need to use this Application. You can even view the file that is getting downloaded by going to the download button on the top right corner. And supposedly you want to delete the video while the download is going on, then just tick on the empty box and tap on the delete option.

Nowadays most people use WiFi or 3G and even 4G, but there is section of people who still use 2G. Keeping that aside most people want their videos to get downloaded at the click of the button.

But due to the lack of fast internet they are not able to do so. Vidmate apk has the feature to speed up your download so these undoubtedly a really useful tool for downloading videos online.

I hope this post was informative enough and you came to know about all the amazing features of Vidmate and how you can make use of this apk to download your favorite videos.